What we Do

For the companies we work with, our approach to talent acquisition is the differentiating factor. Our work never involves simply finding candidates for a position in an org chart. We help clients solve their business problems by working to understand the business and then helping to attract leaders, for now and for the future.

For over 25 years Peter Meder & Company has helped client companies make critical decisions regarding leadership within their organizations. We are retained to assist companies and organizations assess their executive recruitment needs and to conduct executive searches to find and hire outstanding candidates to fill executive and senior management positions. Our geographic coverage is national, and even international in some cases.

Our Approach

We work very closely and over many engagements with our clients to understand the culture for success in their company, the economic drivers of their business, the key factors necessary for success in the particular position, and the environment in which they operate. Only by completely understanding these aspects of the situation can we effectively attract the “best of the best” in a highly-competitive market where the demand for talent is intense.


Clients Served

We work with a wide range of business segments served including:

  • Pharma/Healthcare Providers, Suppliers, and Payers
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Distribution Companies
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Engineered Industrial Products
  • Transportation and Railroads
  • Financial Services
  • Abbott (Life Science, Established Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Nutrition)
  • Abbvie (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Union Tank Car and UTLX (RR Tank Car Manufacturer and Lessor)
  • Marmon Group (Diversified Manufacturer)
  • Duracell Corporation (Consumer Batteries)
  • WindPoint Partners (Private Equity
  • ProQuest (formerly Bell+Howell; Digitized Content and Distribution)
  • MarCap Corp.(Health Care Finance
  • Great West Life (Health and Life Insurance)
  • Trustmark (Health Insurance)
  • OSF Healthcare (Health Care)
  • Aon Consulting (Health, welfare, Benefits Consulting, Risk Services)
  • Corporate Executive Board (Best Practices Publishing)
  • Brunswick Corporation (Recreation Products)
  • SPX Corporation (Diversified Manufacturer)
  • Tenneco Automotive (Auto Parts Manufacturer)
  • Packaging Dynamics (Food Packaging)
  • McDonald’s Corporation (Restaurant)
  • Tempel Steel (Fabricated Parts Manufacturer)

The Latest from our Blog

November 6, 2016Just a few observations about Leadership relating to Cubs' "Worst to First" in five years. Full Commitment to a Vision, and relentlessly getting all on-board. Attention to Detail was critical; scouting, coaching, organization. Invest wisely; no chasing past judgement mistakes. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Crane Kenny. "It's the Players and all about the Players."  Joe Maddon. Talent still needs mentoring and coaching.  Talent alone produces only individual results. Next year begins today! Maybe obvious, but being a Leader, assembling a group of Leaders, and coaching Leaders is still what differentiates the best from the rest. Cheers.  Go Cubs! Peter [...] Read more...
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May 18, 2016Just a quick word for both interviewers and candidates, alike.  When I debrief each after the critical first interview, often sounds like that old Johnny Carson comedy routine, where a person tells a joke to another, and so on, for about 5 people, and the joke is a completely different joke by the time the last person has told it. We always seem to be quite anxious to tell our story, and, thus, forget to listen carefully while the other person is speaking.  I have a suggestion (learned from my daughter, Jillian):  On critical points, tell the other person, briefly, what you heard.  This clears up mis-communication and also demonstrates an open attitude and a willingness to really listen.  Takes a little more time, but well worth it.   [...] Read more...

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